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UCA President
Nap. Okonina Akhuemokhan
Uromi Community Association New York
I want to welcome you all to the Uromi Community Website. Uromi Community
Association, NY, USA, was setup in the year 2002 to provide a forum for Uromi people in
the TRI-STATE AREA to felicitate, promote our history, and the rich culture and values of
the Esan people and the Uromi in particular.

Uromi is one of the thirty-one communities that is in Esanland; and one of the most
populated. It sits at the top of the Esan Plateau with Ivue—Uromi being the highest spot in
Esanland at 1,490 feet.

Today Uromi is one of the places of modern commerce with numerous banks scattered
around and modern buildings sprouting out from literally “everywhere.” It has been
mentioned that Uromi people “have a strong force of unity, are deeply political, keen
traders…sociable, hardworking, and healthy competitors.” (Dr. Okojie)

Uromi has been blessed with notable men and women. Some of the notable sons of Uromi
are Chief Anthony Enaholo, one of the pioneers and a juggernaut of Nigerian politics and an
elder statesman; others are Chief Anthony Anenih, a political heavyweight and the only
chairman of more than one major political party in Nigeria. Some others are Archbishop
Ekpu, Cardinal Olubunmi Okojie, and many more.

The Uromi people are ruled by a Hereditary Monarchy dating back to the 1500BC. The
present Monarch is His Highness, the Onogie Anslem Odaloighe Eidenojiell who occupied
the Ancestrial Throne in 1987. The first Onojie was His Highness Ichesan circa 1463.

On behalf of the Uromi Community Association of New York, Inc., I want to thank you for
visiting our website.

If you reside in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ and Connecticut) and want more information
about our association or wish to register your membership, please go to the next web page
for ‘contacts.’

Thank you/Bha bulu.


Nap. Okonina Akhuemokhan

President, UCA, Inc. USA
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