Elected Officers for 2005/2007

1        President           -             Adams A.O. Ebhomielen
2        Vice-President  -              Stephen Oseghale
3        Secretary          -              Isaac Ehikioya
4        Asst. Secretary -              Capt.Ben Oziegbe
5        Treasurer          -             Sunday Odua
6        Financial Secretary  -      Godwin Oriabure
7        Publicity Secretary –        Fidelis Omigie
8        Provost            -               Victor Ogbebor
9        Ex-Officio:                        Napoleon Akhuemokhan
10      Ex-Officio                         Ignatius Iyere
Fellow Uromians,

I am delighted to be associated with so blessed a group, Uromi Community Association. We have a very good
authority that it is more blessed to give than receive. With this gesture which you have demonstrated by being
kind enough to give so notably, and to make me the recipient of your favorable attention, you are surely
I was honored to serve this association since its inception 4 years ago as the treasurer. Your encomiums on
the way I carried out my humble duty, focusing wholly on the positive, is most kind and I am happy to accept it
as total truth. But I must add that in electing me as the leader of this happy band of brothers, you have given
me a goal for the future, and for that in particular, I thank you.
As I accept this mantle of leadership, let us together ponder on some thoughts:
That as we proceed with the business of this association, we go about it with the conviction that what brings us
together is more important than where we differ.
That we can do a lot more together than any of us can do alone.  That we commit ourselves to the ideals we
have come together to promote, That we love one another with love that passes all understanding And trust
that we shall bring to fruition whatever we set our hands on to do.
Dear brothers, ‘Let us shoot for the moon. Even if we miss, we will land among the stars.’ – Les Brown. Now let’
s get down to the business of impacting lives for good.
Right from the beginning, we singled out a pet project of giving the Maternity Ward at Uromi General Hospital
our priority attention to provide the ward with beds, mattresses, blankets and bed sheets. By the first quarter
of next year, 2006, God willing, our word will be translated to action. Like a postage stamp, we shall stick to the
project until we get there.
Finally and most importantly, I feel truly honored to be accepted by this association. I shall heavily count on
your support at every turn. Suffice it to say that I shall, God willing, endeavor to justify your vote of confidence.
Thank you and May the Lord bless you all.
Adams Ebhomielen (President, UCA, NY)
The President Acceptance Speech